Silicone Spray (Food Grade)

This product is a food grade lubricant designed for use in industrial kitchens, cold rooms, storerooms and anywhere that requires food grade products. A dry silicone, it prevents sticking and binding, lubricates and protects while being safe for use on most rubbers, plastics and other surfaces. Most industrial kitchens have areas of extreme temperatures, this product has an effective operating range of of -40ºC to 205ºC.

Boron Nitride Release

Ideal when working with the latest high temperature resins. Excellent choice for die-casting of low melting point metals such as lead, zinc and aluminium. Can be used for plastic and rubber moulding, metal forming, glass making, sintering, welding and brazing applications.

Temporary Peelable Coating

EASY PEEL is a temporary peelable coating that can be used across a range of different applications from industrial to home.
Sprayed in liquid form, EASY PEEL dries quick to a durable protective film on most non-porous surfaces including windows, metal, acrylic, and polished concrete. Protecting surfaces from dust, dirt, scratches and weathering, EASY PEEL has endless uses around the home and workplace as well as most industries and trades.

Repositionable Spray Adhesive

This clear spraying adhesive provides a repositionable bond on many lightweight materials. It adheres in seconds, yet has an extra-long tack range that allows you to lift and reposition materials. Excellent for screen printing or production line work where parts are held in place temporarily prior to final assembly. Bonds paper, cardboard, acetate, foil, fabrics and more.

Stainless Steel Cleaner (Food Grade)

Water based, foaming cleaner for degreasing and cleaning of stainless steel surfaces. The product combines tough cleaning power with the application of a durable protective coating all in one application.

Engine Degreaser

AVT Paints Engine Degreaser is specifically formulated to meet the cleaning needs unique to motorcycle, car and truck engines and engine bays. It is designed to quickly dissolve oil, grease and grime while breaking up and removing deposits from engines, transmissions, differentials and most motor parts yet will not damage paint work or chrome.